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My therapeutic approach is Integrative Humanistic - this means I bring together a variety of counselling theories, allowing me to adapt my approach and draw on the elements that I feel might work best for you.  I’ve had my fair share of life experiences and hope that this brings a realness and authenticity to me as a counsellor. 


We all experience the world in our own way. No two people understand the same language in the same way; their experience will always be linked to their own personal experience of the world. As a therapist my role is to listen and help you to develop your own understanding of the situation.  My job is to help you explore aspects of your life by talking open and freely. Talking like this is rare with family or friends who are emotionally involved and therefore will have opinions which may affect the discussion. Talking to a counsellor allows you the opportunity to express difficult feelings such as resentment, guilt and fear within a safe, supportive and confidential environment.


You may have a clear idea about what brings you to therapy or you may simply feel dissatisfied and unhappy about your life. This might be about your relationships, your current job, or your sense of purpose and meaning in life, or past trauma. 

I believe counselling is a collaborative process and that my role as your counsellor is to support and work alongside you as you begin to speak about, unravel and come to terms with the different aspects of your life. I work with you exploring your thoughts and feelings about what is currently happening in your life, but I also believe that the past very much informs the present, and so together we may start to link your current thoughts, feelings and patterns of relating to others, to your earlier experiences, including your childhood.


Counselling can help you in managing your current situation and look at new ways of coping, but I also believe it can help by giving insight, a fresh perspective, deeper understanding and increasing self-acceptance on your past life experiences.


"Tricia is an exceptional counsellor, whom I had the fortune to have meetings with a few years ago at a very difficult time.  At the darkest of times, you need someone to help you find a way to see your situation, face your situation, and deal with your situation.  No matter what this involves.  Tricia is one such person.  She has not only helped me, but she has helped another member of my family. She has helped me to see my family differently and enjoy a better relationship with them.  I trust her enough to recommend her to anyone.  
More recently, dealing first hand with the COVID19 pandemic has meant that this has been one of the most challenging years of my life.  I was able to see Tricia again, which really helped me to cope with the level of responsibility the situation demanded of me, and I am very grateful."

Anonymous (Counselling Client)

"I came to Tricia as I was going through a bit of an emotional battle with my father, and was lost in the fog of it all.  Being all these sessions were on Zoom (COVID restrictions in place), this was really significant.

From our very first session, I found Tricia to be warm and understanding, and I felt as comfortable talking to her as I would be a best friend. Through our sessions Tricia has a way of asking the simplest of questions - which I can only liken to having the effect of “new doors in your mind being opened”. 

I cannot believe how my perspective changed so quickly. Although Tricia has said the changes were down to me, I would not have been able to make that journey without her. I could not have wished for a better therapist. Tricia’s flexible and adaptable approach means you get exactly what you need, to suit you and whatever the problem. 


I would definitely turn to Tricia again, if I ever encountered another road hump on life’s journey. Thank you Tricia."

Anonymous (Counselling Client)

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