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For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016,  I, Tricia King am the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) registered data controller under the trading name Patricia King Counselling Service.


By continuing to use my website,, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy and agreeing to my use of cookies described below.

Use of Cookies

Your Internet browser has the in-built facility for storing small files known as cookies, these are files that hold information which allows websites to distinguish you from others. You can choose your use of cookies via the settings on your device preferences; however, some cookies are essential for the site to work properly, and removal may impair functionality. 


Website Contacts Form

No information from the contact form is stored by the website. The information given is transferred via email.  I use your email address or telephone number for correspondence with you regarding your enquiry about the services of counselling with Patricia King Counselling Service. I only retain the information for the period we are in correspondence and then it is deleted as confidential waste. I do not use the information you supply via the online contact form for marketing purposes or share with third parties unless I am required to by law. 

Information for counselling at Patricia King Counselling Service 

This statement details how I collect, store and process your personal data should you become a counselling client or supervisee.


Information Collected

I will collect your full name, address, contact number, email address, date of birth, GP or surgery contact details and prescribed medication. This will be held on a paper Client Information Form. I will use these details to engage in my work with you, including contacting you about appointments.

Brief session notes are kept.  I will record the number of sessions offered and attended, as a way of monitoring our work together.

Emails and texts will be deleted after receipt, unless they are required as part of your notes. Any personal information will be transferred to paper and stored securely, before being permanently removed from the device.


Secure Storage

I make every effort to keep all information confidential, your personal data will be securely stored for seven years (as instructed by my insurance company), after which all information held will be destroyed as confidential waste.


Sharing Information & Legal Exceptions

The information disclosed during the course of counselling is confidential, I do not use the information you supply for marketing purposes, however there are a few legitimate or legal exceptions where sharing your information may be necessary.

  • If you reveal a threat of harm, to yourself or to others.

  • If a court order is received and a legal obligation arises.

  • If for any reason I am asked to provide a report of the sessions at your request.

In all cases, where possible, sharing your information or breaches in confidentiality in this manner will be discussed with you prior to any third part involvement.


Your Rights

Access: You have the right to ask for a copy of your personal information, free of charge, in an electronic or paper format. You also have the right to ask me to amend or change any incorrect information about you. All requests will be completed within 4 weeks of your written request.
Erasure: You have the right to ask me to erase any information that I hold about you. This includes your personal information that is no longer relevant to the original purposes, or if you wish to withdraw consent, unless it is information that I have a legal obligation to retain.



If you wish to complain about how I hold your data in any way then in the first instance please contact me, Patricia King, as data controller. If you have any further concerns, which are not addressed, then you should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) at or telephone 0303 123 1113

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