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Relationship counselling can help you determine what the future could possibly look like for you as individuals and as a couple. It can be a safe space to be heard and possibly make the changes that are needed to improve the quality of the relationship. Relationships are an important part of our lives.


Difficulties with intimacy or commitment, questions about desire or sexual problems can stand in the way of a satisfying relationship. Past relationships sometimes impact on our present ones.


Creating romantic relationships or friendships may feel like an impossible step. Therapy will help you explore and understand how you relate to others and can facilitate your work towards more fulfilling relationships.

In the sessions I will encourage and support you to explore some of the following points: 

  • Your hopes, worries and concerns

  • Different goals and values

  • Communication styles

  • Managing differences of opinion

  • Lack of intimacy or sexual desire

  • Moving on from the disappointments, hurts and anger

  • Family conflicts

  • Financial issues

  • Adapting to marriage or becoming parents

  • Abusive or controlling behaviour

  • Commitment issues

  • Impact of professional life on the relationship

  • How to move forward if it is your decision to end the relationship

  • Explore the impact of ending your relationship – positive and negative

  • How to support any children through this period of change

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